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Authenticity is that rarest of components; the most wanted, yet the hardest to come by. The one that can’t be bought. The one that can’t be faked. Bristol’s Scott Hendy has it. Twelve years of hard work, plying his trade, fine-tuning his art have seen to this. A DJ and producer who has remained creative through it all – before Bristol’s musical name meant something, while genres were being created, and after the dust settled – he shows no signs of slowing down. None whatsoever.

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  1. Malakai says hi..

    Good afternoon, hope you’re all well, if it isn’t the afternoon when you’re reading this then stop now and wait ‘til its afternoon and this’ll all make more sense,
    nothin much to report just wanted to use a lazy, rainy Saturday to say hi….

  2. On the ugly side...

    Well it seems the LP is (so far) being well recieved, thanks for all your comments and ‘big-ups’, keep ‘em coming ‘cos we care about your thoughts and opinions, feedback can only help us grow